Best Customer Service Chatbots Review

The robot revolution is here, and whether you like it or not, more and more customer interactions are now handled by robots, and only very little human interaction is involved.

And with studies showing that as much as 85% of all customer interactions will be handled by robots powered by AI-technologies in 2020, it means that if you are in business, you have to work on identifying and using the best customer service chatbots, and as a consumer, be ready for less of the human interactions.

Now, if you are like most of us, these changes will not be big, and they won’t really affect the way you do things because most of the companies we’ve interacted with in the past already make use of the bots, and we all know that as long as the quality of the services provided is satisfactory, then it’s not such a big deal.

However, if you are in business, it means that the decision whether to use the chatbots or not is quite is fundamental to the running and the success of your business; first, because you cannot have reps in the office all the time, and the second reason is that the bots are relatively more affordable and even efficient than human labor.

And with customers and site visitors believing that the companies and brands they interact with must respond almost instantaneously, or you lose perspective and even qualified leads. As a result, you cannot underestimate the power of investing in the best customer service chatbots.

Experts reckon that the use of chatbots for customer interactions will be at 90% in banks, by 2022. To add to this statistic, it’s been shown that the use of chatbots could cut down business operational costs by a whopping 30%, and by 2021, as much as 85 of all customer interactions will be handled by robots.

There’s also the fact that 37% of people note that they prefer the use of chatbots by customer service because it always means access to quick and accurate answers in emergencies.

All that, and with 27% of consumers stating their preference and interest in artificial intelligence support tools, you need to make sure that you are investing in only the best of customer service chatbots.

So, which are some of the best customer service chatbots?

In your search for elegant and the best customer service chatbots, you need to be keen on things such as the chatbot’s integrations, efficiency, and ability to reduce your case volumes and their task automation capabilities too.

Best Customer Service Chatbots

1.    Bold 360

Best Customer Service Chatbots

Even with the variable pricing that depends on your needs, Bold 360 is one of the best customer service chatbots, and it promises to boost customer satisfaction and reduce your caseload thanks to the fact that this chatbot isn’t limited to any pre-written scripts.

Bold 360 makes use of natural language processing or NLP to easily personalize the conversations it has with your customer. So, instead of spending all your day writing and coming up with workflow logic, you only need to install Bold 360, and it will take care of the rest for you.

And since this chatbot makes use of the most advanced of NLP technologies, this bot will learn and slowly adapt to the conversations of your customers, in the process, create genuine experiences and expressions, which means that if you leave for the day, this bot will still be up and running to take care of things for you.

2.    Hubspot


The Hubspot chatbot is one of the best customer service software solutions, and it boasts one of the best-integrated communication platforms.

It’s also important to bear in mind that Hubspot represents one of the most popular CRM platforms and is an important business automation software that is part of sales, marketing, as well as the service hubs that allows customers and site visitors access to the most helpful content from your web pages.

You could also use Hubspot to create support tickets, book meetings, and qualify leads.

Thanks to all these functions and the fact that they are all connected in one conversation inbox, the Hubspot chatbot makes an excellent solution for businesses looking for access to all communication elements from one spot.

The other impressive bit is that in as much as Hubspot offers and a forever-free CRM functionality that gives you access to the live chat and that chatbot options, as well as some limited versions of the sales, marketing, and service hubs, you can upgrade these hubs and the services offered if your business scales and needs more support.

The Growth Suite’s pricing starts from $50/month for each user, while the Professional plan is priced from $400/month, and it offers more functions and features than the other plans.

You will be happy to know that the free plan gives you full access to the CRM, and the chatbot allows you to come up with a linear and a logical flow of questions, for example, the chatbot would start by asking a visitor or customer for their name, email, company, etc.

Customers and visitors also have the option of signing up for email subscriptions, creating service rickets, booking meetings, and in case of complicated questions, or if a user needs more help, the app will hand off that person to an agent or a sales agent.

Note that if you need more functions from the chatbot, for example, integration with CRM, as well as Office 365, Gmail, or G-Suite, then the Starter plan would be a preferable option for you.

And if you are looking for a more robust function that allows you to run a big business’ marketing/ sales/ customer service ecosystem, then the Professional plan would be the ideal option for you.



Developed by and for use by PureChat, the live chat software,, is one of the best chatbots for customer service, especially if you are looking for the best free chatbot. This chatbot boasts an unlimited number of leads and bots, as well as the bot templates, as well as hosted bot pages.

You might also like it because the PureChat Live Chat software also means that in addition to the chatbot, you will have access to an unlimited number of chats for a maximum of 3 users, as well as function for file transfers, not to mention the impressive integration of this chatbot and live chat software solution with some of the best web/ marketing platforms.

The chatbot is ideal for use by small, medium-sized, and large businesses thanks to its unlimited access provided for bots, leads, templates, and user.

For the chatbot to handle big numbers of customer requests, you’d, however, have to pay more for the service in the $15/month plan that works for an unlimited number of users, not just 3 as is the case with the free plan.

Some of the other features offered by the free chatbot, besides its ease of use, include the fact that you can use it immediately after its download thanks to the widget script code, which you only need to add to your website.

It also comes with at least 25 templates, all designed to match the needs of businesses in different industries. The best part is that all its captured leads would be sent to emails or even exported into the appropriate CRM tools, thanks to the Zapier integration.

So, if you are a small business looking for an easy-to-deploy chatbot that will answer simple questions, capture leads, and even inform your teams when the actions/ involvement of a sales rep is necessary.

The Pro version of this chatbot would, otherwise, come in handy if you don’t mind spending $15/month for access to an unlimited number of users, unlimited conversations, the ability to send leads SMS, email notifications, etc.

One problem, though – this chatbot isn’t fully integrated with the PureChat live chat function, and the only way that these two would work together is if you go to the Artibot dashboard to manage the two platforms.

4.    SnatchBot

customer service teams

The other excellent option of chatbots for customer service teams is SnatchBot, and you might like it too, first because it’s free, and also because it’s feature-packed, and it also integrates well with the most popular social media and messaging apps like Slack, Skype, and Facebook.

SnatchBot boasts numerous event- and industry-specific bot templates which you can add to your system easily and at no charge while getting to enjoy one of the most intuitive interfaces for chatbot creators.

You might also like this customer service chatbot because it works as one of the best troubleshooting bots that will ask important diagnostic questions following ‘pre-made’ interactions, but you could also customize the interaction. It also takes payments via PayPal integration.

Its broadcast feature means that you will be able to send targeted messages to a number of users at the same time, via channels such as Facebook Messenger, and if the chatbot cannot answer some questions, it will redirect answers to an agent.

This intuitiveness is why this is one of the best chatbots for customer service on the market today.

Besides the free plan, which will give you access to pretty much all the features and functions you need, there is a Pro plan priced at $39/month for access to up to 10,000 messages each month.

Unfortunately, this chatbot is only available in English, Chinese, and French, although it can be configured in at least 50 languages, a complete multilingual function would be a better option.

5.    BotEngine

best integrations

If you are looking for a robust chatbot that comes with some of the best integrations to improve the performance of your customer services, then BotEngine would be a great place for you to start.

As a full-featured chatbot, BotEngine has a native function that will integrate with other automated functions like and LiveChat, although it can also run as a full-featured, and a standalone solution that will enhance your business functions and flexibility.

This chatbot is also quite trainable, which means that it allows your users to define specific elements before determining how best to respond to the questions posed, or even connecting to 3rd party platforms for easy handling of the customer-specific questions, all thanks to webhooks.

BotEngine comes with one plan that’s priced at $50. Its range of features includes interactions, stories, live testing, rich messages, as well as integrations, which transform this chatbot into a complete communication platform.

6.  Dialogflow

 Artificial Intelligence functions,

For a chatbot that uses the most sophisticated Artificial Intelligence functions, you might want to invest in Dialogflow. This chatbot is one of the best on the market, which is part of the reason why it was acquired by Google in 2016.

It’s an ideal chatbot for ecommerce businesses, thanks to its capacity to handle some of the most specific customer requests, including order statuses.

The free plan gives you access to features and functions such as integrations with Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, Twilio, and Skype, and it also supports 21 languages.

There are limits on audio requests, text, and phone requests. The other integrations of Dialogflow include integrations with Amazon Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Assistant.

7.  ChatFuel


For a flexible and user-friendly chatbot that makes use of custom coding and is open to third-party plugins, with n custom coding skills necessary, ChatFuel might be a great option for your business.

This chatbot is AI-powered, and it offers a wide range of features such as live updates on your data, highlights, and news, allowing you to keep the best strategic engagement, keeping your users well informed. Since it uses NLP processing, this chatbot can hold solid and complete conversations with customers.

8. Botsify

best chatbots

Botsify chatbot is priced at $50, and it’s one of the best chatbots designed to provide the best level of interactions with customers, and thanks to its advanced functions, this bot would give you complete control over customer interactions when necessary.

And in case the bot is unable to answer the questions by the customers, the sales/ customer service reps will be able to pick up and intervene.

You might also like this bot because it allows your team to deploy simple feedback surveys in the course of the conversations, allowing you to track and measure the performance of the conversations by the chatbots.

Using the data collected, your customer service team will ensure the optimization of the customer’s experience, and to make changes early, in case the performance is not as great as expected.

9.   Zoho SalesIQ

customer identification

For the most highly-targeted chatbot for customer identification, Zoho SalesIQ might be the best option for you thanks to its ability to trigger at least 40 highly-targeted customer filters, for example, emails, past chats, visitor questions, among other pre-qualifiers which will allow your customer services teams to assess the needs of customers. It also works as one of the best live chat software solutions.

This chatbot is priced at $17/month for the basic plan, which supports a maximum of 1000 conversations, and 50,000 chat visitors tracked, as well as the Professional package that costs $53/month, with access to an unlimited number of conversations, and tracking of 100,000 chat visitors. 

The other functions include access to audio calls from the chats, detailed reporting, as well as live chat monitoring. 

Note that the basic plan makes use of the IF/THEN logic that allows triggering of rules for the bots based on the visitor question, campaign name, number of previous chats, and location, among other functions.

And since the bot works with the live chat function, all the chats will be monitored, collected, and routed from one dashboard. The chatbot conversations might also include options to speak to an agent, and you could also use the bot for scheduling of meetings with customer support.

In the professional plan, some of the features you will enjoy include intelligent triggers, and the best part is that it can handle ecommerce store functions.

10. ChatBot

NLP capabilities

ChatBot is easy to use, and it makes use of Natural Language Processing/ NLP capabilities allowing for an improvement of the level of customer satisfaction.

It allows you to create a workflow that will help your customers access the right information for all their questions, 24/7 with no need for manual intervention.

ChatBot also integrates with Slack, Facebook Messenger, and LiveChat, among other functions. ChatBot comes with a 14-days trial, but you’d have to pay $50/month.


Chatbot software solutions represent an automated channel of communication that should be a crucial part of any business operation.

It’s an important part of account management and customer satisfaction, and you might like these chatbots thanks to their customer-specific queries, and it can handle some of the most high-level questions.

The best chatbots for customer service have a high level of customization, best intelligence features, affordable, and also feature-packed with the best features for running your business.

The chatbots above are some of the best on the market. Just make sure that the chatbot you choose has the features you need for the success of your customer services department, sales, and the entire business.

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