ClickFunnels Review

Today, software solutions run businesses, and for you to ensure that you have the best software solution by your business side, you need to know what these important software solutions are and the roles they will streamline for your business.

One such software solutions is ClickFunnels, and it is an important component of digital marketing solutions for your business. #

The thing that you really need to keep in mind as you explore and figure out what software solutions you need to invest in sooner is the function of that software in relation to how it will be able to bring in more sales and boost your brand image.

No one is in the business of losing money, and this in mind, you will that you, just like the rest of your competitors, will look for and only invest in some of the solutions that promise the best results.

And for many reasons, ClickFunnels is one of these software solutions.

Why ClickFunnels?

If your research and the wisdom gained from industry experts have taught you one thing, it’s got to be the importance of investing in the right marketing tools, tools that target the essential marketing channels.

You’ve probably come across sales funnels, and with a little digging, it’s an undeniable fact that you need the best sales funnel and sales funnels tools for a streamlined marketing process that ensures successful campaigns which drive traffic to your site and in the trickle-down process, convert the leads on your page into customers.

In a nutshell, for you to drive traffic to your site and attain the desired results having attracted leads from your target market, you must have a systematic approach that allows you to create and put up simple landing and sales pages that convert web users into site visitors, potential buyers, and actual buyers.

This systematic approach involves knowing what tools to invest in, how to use the elements of the tools provided, and how to use your system’s resources to save time and make money.

And thanks to elegant tools and functions that streamline the sales funnel, you no longer have to worry about spending a lot of time and brainstorming with your teams for weeks to come up with the best sales pages designs, layouts, structure, and even the right font just for you to come up with one simple page for lead generation. So, are we saying that ClickFunnels would do all that? Well, yes.

Thanks to ClickFunnels, along with the fact that you might not have the requisite programming background to create the best lead generation pages, you no longer have to spend waste time searching for the best sales/ landing pages templates online for you to model your sales pages after.

And most importantly, you won’t have to scramble to the self-hosted WordPress site to install multiple plugins (some of which only end up affecting the performance of your site), buy page builders, or work around page elements all from scratch; with no guarantees of any of the selected components ever working or you attaining the desired conversion rates from your sales pages.

ClickFunnels is designed to save you from all manner of headaches, save time, and help you make money because you will be able to come up with high-converting sales funnels and sales pages in a matter of minutes, and without any programming background.

And the most impressive bit is that you will be able to do all that in less time, and the best bit is that the sales pages you come up with will look so much better than what you could ever come up with using the WordPress page builder.

And the sales page is just one of the things that you can create using ClickFunnels.

But what makes ClickFunnels so great? Is it worth your money (this sales funnel solution doesn’t come cheap), is it legit? Will it work for your business?

Would it be wise to ditch your WordPress site once you have ClickFunnels? In this review, we’ll outline everything you need to know about ClickFunnels to help you make the right choice.

What is ClickFunnels?

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is floated as an all-in-one software solution designed for business owners looking for solutions that will allow them to build high-converting sales pages that will allow them to easily acquire leads, subsequently turning those leads into customers, while also automating sales.

In other words, ClickFunnels refers to an online sales software designed to help business owners from all niches, as well as digital marketers to easily build professional and converting sales funnels that will also automate online sales.

In addition to the sales funnels’ creation, you could also use ClickFunnels to create squeeze pages, landing pages, sales pages, affiliate program centers, membership sites, checkout pages, and webinar funnels/ pages, among others.

Founded in 2014 by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson, ClickFunnels is regarded as the ultimate digital marketing solution that’s aimed at helping online entrepreneurs and businesses promote and also sell their products online.

Despite starting off as a company with 8 programmers and only 2 designers whose primary goals were to set up a simple funnel/ website for the generation of sales, the company has grown significantly over the years, with the founders expanding the range of services they provided as solutions to the problems they encountered when building the funnel.

Today, you can use ClickFunnels to market your business flawlessly, sell, grow, and retain your existing customer base. Thanks to ClickFunnels, a stranger/ online user who knows nothing about the existence of your business or what you sell will, through a series of easy and super-friendly pages, learn about your business as you educate and nurture the stranger until you turn them into buying customers.

While ClickFunnels is widely known as the go-to solution for the creation of sales funnels, it does more than that by allowing you to create some of the best/ high-converting checkout pages.

Today, we look at how ClickFunnels would allow you to come up with the best checkout page for your products/ services, reducing your cart abandonment rate in the process.

ClickFunnels Plans and Features

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels Plans and Features

There are two main pricing plans, the low-tiered plan (ClickFunnels), which is ideal for smaller businesses that only need the basic features offered by this solution.

Priced at $97/month, this plan gives you access to 20 funnels, 20,000 site visitors, 100 pages, and an unlimited number of members and contacts.

Some of the features accessible on this package include email integration, A/B split tests, Click pops, Click Optin, Sales Funnels, Advanced Funnels, Order pages Upsell pages, downsale pages, as well as funnel sharing.

The other plan offered by ClickFunnels is the Etison Suite, which is a top-tier plan that gives you access to premium features, including access to an unlimited number of pages, funnels, and visitors.

The other premium features and benefits of the Etison Suite include Actionetics, Backpack, priority template requests and access to support, a visual email builder, a function that manages the email lists, email broadcasts, action funnels, and tracking of email opens/ clicks.

The other features offered in this package include:

  • Sending of location-based emails
  • Advanced and flexible email segmentation
  • Auto-responder email series.
  • Lead scoring and lead action scores
  • Access to your contact social profiles
  • One-click setups
  • Access to a branded affiliate signing up area
  • Total customization
  • Billing integrations
  • Access to unlimited affiliates and commission plans
  • Subscription plans and one-time payments
  • Management and tracking of top affiliates

ClickFunnels Shopping Cart

ClickFunnels Shopping Cart

One of the features that you get to enjoy when using ClickFunnels is the fact that it allows you to create your checkout page, as well as a shopping cart, all thanks to the ClickFunnels Shopping cart function. The ClickFunnel shopping cart and the checkout software are among the intuitive features that you will find inside ClickFunnels.

It’s one of the crucial functions of ClickFunnels, and that means that you can look at this solution as something more than a sales funnel solution.

By working as an all-one solution, it means that you would be able to create a sales funnel that ensures the highest rate of success because the funnel features all the important functions needed to help site visitors and leads to make the decision to buy the products you are marketing to them.

Now, in as much as you need the best landing pages and lead generation, as well as sales pages, your attempts at success will be futile without an intuitive and a well-designed shopping cart that allows your leads to actually make purchases by giving you the details of their address and their credit card or PayPal accounts.

In all honesty, you have to pay attention to the shopping cart and the checkout options because the design of these components will determine whether a sale goes through or if a buyer chooses to abandon the cart.

And with many businesses not paying attention to the need for the best shopping cart and checkout options, you really don’t want to be one of these businesses, given what you know.

The ClickFunnels Shopping Cart and Checkout Solution

ClickFunnels offers one of the best shopping cart software solutions, and it’s one of the few online companies that offer the shopping cart solution in their range of sales funnels and digital marketing solutions for online business.

So, if you are growing your business from scratch and you need a digital solution that allows you to set up everything from scratch – sales funnel to shopping cart and checkout, then ClickFunnel would be a great place for you to start your search.

This platform offers a wide range of customizable templates and functions which allow you to easily run a fully-fledged online business.

But in as much as ClickFunnels provides a shopping cart platform, you need to keep in mind that the inbuilt shopping cart option isn’t a dedicated function – ClickFunnels offers the full package for online store setup, and if you only need a dedicated shopping cart service, there are other options that offer excellent services, for example, Thrivecart.

Using ClickFunnels Checkout and Shopping Cart Solution

  • Some of the reasons why signing up for the checkout and the shopping cart solutions offered by ClickFunnels include the fact that this platform offers an elegant range of features that ensure high conversion rates, as well as a boost in your sales. These features are outlined below:
  • It accepts a wide range of payment options and plans
  • As one of the best shopping cart and checkout solutions, ClickFunnels allows you to easily collect payments from your customers from the most common credit cards, as well as digital payment options such as ApplePay and PayPal.
  • It also allows you to set up a checkout system that computes sales taxes digitally, while also allowing you to choose payment methods from one-off payments and installment or recurrent subscription payments.
  • Some of the other payment gateways supported by ClickFunnels include, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Keap, NMI, Stripe, EasyPayDirect, and Recurly. It will also allow for third-party product services access for payment gateways like Clickbank, Warrior Plus, JVZoo, and Paypal.

Boosting Sales

The other advantage of working with ClickFunnels has to do with the fact that this funnel-building tool will boost your sales significantly, especially if you know what you are doing.

Some of the features that promise to boost sales are covered below

Funnel and Page-Building Templates

Funnel and Page-Building Templates

One of the features that ClickFunnels takes pride in is its wide range of professionally-designed and high-converting page templates.

The platform gives you access to a whole range of templates from page templates and funnel templates, and these templates would all allow you to improve the total sales you make for your page.

The funnel templates range from templates for events to lead capture, sales pages, and checkout page templates, as well as special funnels such as the membership funnels which you can easily create too.

You will also come across templates for squeeze pages, as well as a 2-step tripwire funnel template for bump orders, downsells, and upsells, which are all important in the checkout process.

The templates available are all easy to use, and you don’t need advanced design skills or a programming background for you to create high-converting pages that boast a simple, consistent, and professional design. 

All you have to do is to choose a template that matches your business niche, customize it, then add products, set up the necessary email and payment integrations, set up your domain name, save the funnel, then you will be good to go!

A Visual Drag-and-Drop Editor

One of the reasons why the templates you come up with working with ClickFunnels are highly converting is that this platform gives you access to an easy-to-use editor which is easy to use, allowing for the best possible customization of the template.

Also, the ClickFunnels pages are all laid out using specific sections that come with rows and columns and using a mouse; you can drag different elements around the page until you have the desired outcome.

This editor is intuitive, easy to use, and it allows for seamless editing and selection of components.

You can also edit text elements in-line, and using the fly-out sidebar; you can modify all the elements of the templates. You might also like how organized everything is on ClickFunnels, and you can do all that with zero coding skills.

Some of the editing and customization options that you will enjoy replacement of ClickFunnels logo on the template with your brand’s/ company’s logo; change of the headline; as well as the replacement of the video placement on the template with your brand’s video.

You also get to customize your pages thanks to tools available such as:

  • Custom CSS with which you only need to select any ClickFunnels element to be able to make customized changes to an existing HTML code.
  • Padding Adjustment makes it easy for you to adjust the spacing that surrounds a widget/ page element, allowing you to create a page whose spacing is even and pleasing to the eye.
  • Color Adjustment to help you change the color properties of the text, widgets, and the background, etc.

Page Builders

ClickFunnels comes with numerous page builder, besides the landing page and the checkout page builders, all designed to boost your sales and overall performance of your site.

Great Selection of Page Elements

ClickFunnels offers page elements, also called widgets, that provide more flexibility when designing different pages. These widgets are easy to use, and they include the headline, input forms, Button, Text, Image, and Video widgets.

And there’s more: there are additional page elements (advanced widgets) such as surveys, progress bars, FAQ blocks, SMS signups, Facebook comments, pricing tables, countdown timers, as well as custom HTML and membership elements.

One-Click Upsells

To boost the value of your shopping cart and to increase your sales, ClickFunnels offers some of the best one-click upsell features through upsell pages, which allow you to easily offer customers additional products/ services as they proceed to checkout.

Since this page is designed to stand on its own while integrating with the shopping cart, your customers won’t have to go through the whole checkout process once again, and that means a reduced rate of cart abandonment and higher sales.

The one-click upsell function allows for easy one-click operation and more sales.

Order forms

Also tied to the checkout and the shopping cart functions offered by ClickFunnels is the Order Form, which is an intuitive function that allows you to create simple, and straightforward checkout processes for your customers, also reducing the rate of cart abandonment.

You could choose to either uses the traditional or the 2-step form that will capture your lead’s information, making it easier and possible for you to market to prospective leads that abandon the cart during checkout.

ClickFunnels also gives you access to instant order bumps or bump offers, which are designed to encourage impulse buying, hence an increase in the total number of sales recorded.

A/B Testing

ClickFunnels Review

The other impressive feature that promises to boost sales and reduce the cart abandonment rate is ClickFunnels A/B testing, an intuitive marketing function that allows you to easily test different variations of a sales/ checkout page and in other cases completely different pages in a bid to determine which of the tested pages converts best.

A/B split testing is an important part of just about any marketing strategy, and ClickFunnels has set it up in a way that allows for easy testing of different page components.

Follow-Up Funnels

Follow-up funnels are designed to boost conversion rates, sales, and most importantly, they are designed to resonate with the target audience/ individuals.

They are more than email autoresponders in that they allow you to easily create simple but very powerful and funnels that will speak to your customers directly.

The follow-up funnels focus on crucial things about the customers, for example, who they are, where they come from, items they’ve previously purchased, or the action they took in the sales funnel.

As a result, you will send out a specific message and not generic messages to all your customers. In addition to all these, you also have the simple, complete, and converting checkout cart, which streamlines the entire sales process to reduce cart abandonment rates and boost sales.


The best sales funnel systems, specifically the checkout functions, must come with elegant and high-performance integrations allowing for the easy communication of the checkout/ shopping cart with the rest of the marketing services, payment gateways, and tech functions.

ClickFunnels boasts a wide range of integrations for payment, email marketing, as well as membership platforms. One of these integrations is Zapier.

Affiliate Centers

Like Thrivecart and other platforms that run as shopping cart and checkout software solutions, ClickFunnels boasts a robust affiliate program that runs as a standalone product to allow you to have and manage affiliates paid on a commission basis. The program offers quite attractive commissions.


ClickFunnels is determined to see you succeed, and it boasts one of the most supportive and reliable customer support systems, including an active Facebook Group from where you can learn more about their services. You will also access the best of live chat, phone, and email support.


  • Easy set up of the checkout page and the order form.
  • Wide access to professionally-designed template and funnels
  • Reliable page editor
  • It comes with several integrations
  • It boosts sales
  • Reliable payment options
  • Support is easily accessible, and there is a big community behind ClickFunnels
  • Great affiliate program
  • A wide selection of editable page elements
  • No coding necessary
  • Inline editing of text elements available
  • Great drag-and-drop editor
  • Built-in training
  • A/B Testing


  • It’s expensive
  • The funnel could work faster
  • ClickFunnels program has a limitation on the pages created and number of visitors
  • High-learning curve


A sales funnel refers to a step-by-step prospecting sequence that takes site visitors through the introduction of the product and their ultimate purchase of the product.

It features different elements that encourage the movement of a visitor on one wide end as someone who knows little to nothing about the product, only to come out on the other end as a customer.

Sales pages and checkout pages are crucial in streamlining the funnel, and ClickFunnels, with all the features above, allow you to attain your goals.

Its shopping cart and checkout system are particularly impressive, and ClickFunnels might be a great option for you if you are looking for an all-in-one solution that streamlines the sales/ marketing processes from scratch.

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