About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting our blog; SaaSDeals.com where we help Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Remote workers find great deals for the best applications for working from home.

Working from home was a unicorn—it was rarity and the envy of most 9-5 jobs before becoming standardized. I remember when I first made the decision to become a remote worker—specifically a freelancer, online jobs we used to call them.

At the time, most people didn’t consider working from home as a “real job,” the prevailing perception was staring at a screen all day doing nothing, or God knows what. But after working as a freelancer for a couple of years now, I’ve come to realize that is far from the truth.

Who we are

Hi there, and we are the team behind this blog,and we’ve been working from home for close to a decade now. We’’ve learned a lot of the years and my team—a group of like-minded individuals, and we created this blog to share everything we’ve learned about building and growing successful business online.

While we don’t consider ourselves to be experts or gurus on the subject, we’ve picked up a few things along the way and use our wealth of experience to help you navigate some of the pitfalls of growing your business online.

From our experience, some of the main problems entrepreneurs, start-ups and remote workers experience revolve around security, communication, marketing and generally being a remote worker. We’ve covered these and closely related topics to help you avoid some of the more expensive mistakes of working from home.

How we can help

One of the most important aspects of working from home or working online is cyber security. Unless you want to deal with scammers, identity theft, ransomware, among other cyber-attacks this is one area you need fortified from the get-go and the best way of doing that is by being prepared.

To help you out, we’ve reviewed some of the best VPNs and security applications you can use to secure personal information and website such as the best VPNs and web security plugins.

The next factor you need to worry about—especially if you’re working with teams, is communication. It’s typically the number one differentiating factor between effective and efficient teams and those that are not and can mean the difference between failing and succeeding online.

To that end, we’ve reviewed some of the best conference call apps, live chat software and customer service application to help you provide a stellar customer experience.

But that’s not all; since paying customers are the lifeblood of every business, we’ve reviewed some of the best tools and strategies to help you reel them in. These include our favorite tips for backlink outreach emails to the best auto responder for affiliate marketing and so much more.