Lifetime SaaS Deals

If you never want to pay the full price for a subscription, then you’ve come to the right place to learn how to achieve that. We’ll look at what lifetime deals are and how to take advantage of them.

It’s all the more vital if you’re running a company where you have to use third-party apps and tools to get the results that you need. That money piles up quickly, and if you’re keen on saving, that’s where lifetime deals come in.

What are lifetime SaaS deals?

Lifetime deals are the discounts you get on tools, apps, or other content online. What it means is that you only have to pay once to get access to them for life.

In essence, it removes the recurring price that people have to pay monthly or annually to use a service. That’s something that you will find across a variety of apps, so it’s not uncommon.

It’s how things are done when it comes to SaaS. It, therefore, makes sense why more people are keen on getting lifetime deals. It is easier to pay a flat-rate fee and then access the app whenever you want, for literally years to come.

How they work

SaaS companies tend to get smaller companies to offer lifetime deals to people or companies. It is a sales and marketing strategy used to get more people to use the app or tool in question.

There are a lot of people looking for lifetime deals, but while the structure is not perfect, it still serves its purpose. Beginner entrepreneurs there particularly the ones that thrive using these lifetime deals because they don’t have the capital required.

That’s especially the case when they need several tools running at the same time to facilitate their business processes. With these deals, young companies can operate a tech stack that works for you.

Therefore, if your budget is small, you don’t have to be in despair- there are deals out there tailored for people looking for what you are too. However, there’s a catch.

These lifetime deals are not typically Pro plans that you’d get when you visit the website. They’ll have somewhat limited functionalities, and in some cases, bugs too.

Advantages of lifetime deals

Let’s take a closer look at what you stand to gain when you purchase a lifetime deal.

You save money

save money

The first advantage that jumps out to you is that you save a lot of money when you get to pay an initial flat-rate fee. You can run your business in peace knowing that the tool your using is paid for, and you can use it without restrictions.

Depending on what you get, you can get to use an app for a fraction of the price and save thousands of dollars not only annually, but monthly as well.

Let’s consider the apps you’re using; what’s the total monthly subscription for all of them regularly? Then think about only paying about 10 percent of that- for a lifetime.

The whole point of having these lifetime SaaS deals is they make life easier and save you money. That cash can then go into other functions required to run your company or brand seamlessly.

You also won’t have to think about having a credit card or other financial services up to date so that you can always have the apps and tools you use online.

You have that thought out of your mind- it’s something you won’t have to worry about anymore.

Gives you room to grow organically

grow organically

While there is a problematic to a degree to some lifetime SaaS deals, the benefits do perhaps outweigh the inconvenience. When you’re starting, you need all the help (and savings) you need. With a lifetime SaaS deal, you can get your company up and running too.

When you’re in an advanced stage, and the profits come streaming in, you’ll now be able to comfortably purchase a Pro or Premium plan from the SaaS company you’re using.

When you outgrow the lifetime SaaS deal version of the app, it should be a cause of celebration and not dismay- it means that you’re growing. Getting to the point of an upgrade, you’ll be more aware of what you need and don’t. That makes you smarter about the tech investments that you need to make.

You can think of it as a cheat sheet. Interacting with a new app can be exciting until you realize that it doesn’t meet your needs. With a lifetime deal SaaS, you can switch things around until you get the right match. From there, you’ll be upgrading to something that’s even more beneficial to your company.

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Increases your ROI

Increases your ROI

If you’ve paid only $50 for a lifetime deal, letting go of an app or tool that doesn’t add value is not as painful as losing an accumulative over the months of use. It is this kind of reality that makes it easier for you to optimize your company functions.

These are some of the basics in SaaS tools and apps that people ought to apply when they are small. Don’t follow what the big corporates use and apply it to your situation. It could turn out to be quite a costly and unnecessary affair for you.

Since there will be an upgrade coming in the future, you’ll be more fit to invest in apps and tools that increase your ROI. You’ll literally be getting what you paid for instead of getting stuck with a resource you’re trying to do work for you.

Even so, you have to be smart about the lifetime SaaS deals that come your way. Come up with what business processes you want to achieve, and then get something that fits in. Don’t merely get something only because it’s cheap.

First hand at new tools

You’ll find that lifetime SaaS deals tend to come from new SaaS in the market. When you get to work with a tool with bugs, you’ll be apart of the improvement process.

It is an ideal marriage for people looking for new and cheaper tools that still meet their needs. Mainly, you’ll be in the front row seat of up-and-coming tools in the market, that if they play their cards right, you’ll stick with them for decades to come.

The other fantastic aspect of these lifetime SaaS deals is you get to provide feedback. The creators get what you need from you, and where feasible, they provide you with the tools.

As time goes by, if you’re lucky, you can get a tool that works perfectly for you based on feedback gathered from other clients. You might have to endure the glitches, but when things get done right, you’ll be happy that you stuck around if you can get a near-perfect tool for your business.

Where can I get lifetime SaaS deals?

We’ve looked at the advantages of lifetime SaaS deals. The next automatic question is this: “where can I get my hands on one?” Well, you’re in luck.

Lifetime deals have become so popular over the recent years that there are quite a few places you can get one. You can join whole communities even on social media and forums where you can get your hands on SaaS tools that you need.

One such tool is AppSumo. They are among the first lifetime SaaS deal providers in the market. They are also selective with who they have on their platform.

AppSumo is keen to work with new apps and tools that are great and with established companies too. Whatever tech or ecommerce needs you do have, you can get them. It’s not the only place you can get lifetime deals, but it’s a good place to start.

The ideal thing is to check out several platforms and note the top tools that keep coming up. Don’t be entirely closed off as you might miss some gems, but use that initial approach.

Keep checking the sites you come across for new things that are worth your while.  However, you want to read the fine print too. Work with companies that have a refund policy for an extended period.

It takes a few weeks or even months to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Getting your money back if need be is another thing you can focus on getting so you don’t get the short end of the stick. Not sure what to expect from the app?

Check out their roadmap to see the direction they are taking. If it aligns with that you need, then you can suffer a few inconveniences as you wait for the software developers to get things right.

The roadmap is what will aid you make an informed decision based on your business processes. If you have the patience, then you can stick through the SaaS company that makes the most sense.

Wrap up

Lifetime deals can be a lifeline for new businesses. You get to use a lot less cash for tech tools to build your company while providing relevant feedback for the development of the same.

There are tons of places you can get lifetime deals, only remember to do your due diligence.

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