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Welcome to SaaSDeal!

Welcome to SaaSDeal!

Thanks to the constantly evolving ICT infrastructure, working from home or telecommuting is now possible—it has been for a while, so long as you have a fast and reliable internet connection and the right resources. It offers a flexible working experience for both employers and employees making it an incredibly attractive approach to business.

The benefits of being a remote worker or telecommuter have become more clear especially in light of the pandemic subsequently pushing the work-from-home workforce business model to become more mainstream. That being said, making the transition isn’t a walk in the park.

But thanks to dynamic technologies such as Zoom, Slack, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype, marketing automation, etc.; help make the transition considerably easier. We created this blog to help you find the right tools to be more productive and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Lifetime SaaS Deals

Lifetime tech deals

When it comes to web apps, most SaaS companies use a subscription-based pricing model. Which means you a specific amount of money every month to use their service and it works great for them, but the same can’t be said for entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups who are working with a tight budget.

Fortunately, for whatever reason i.e. maybe a launch, holiday season, Black Friday, etc. some of these companies offer customers lifetime deals for their products. So by making a one-time payment, you’ll be able to access their product for life. Sounds great, right? Check out these lifetime deals…

VPNs & Security

While working from home is relatively safer than commuting to work on a daily basis there are still risk involved, especially where personal data is involved. Being careless in the cyberspace can have serious consequences because they expose you to everything from identity theft to ransomware.

To help you stay safe from hackers among other threats, we’ve curated of some of the best tools and applications to stay safe online. We’ve reviewed and compared some of our favourite apps to protect your data; from ExpressVPN vs NordVPN, and Sucuri vs WordFence and so much more.

Sucuri vs.Wordfence

Digital Marketing

No matter how great your product is or how reliable your team is, if you’re not using the right digital marketing strategies and tools to grow your business, then you might as well be preaching to an empty church. Marketing is the one of the key pillars of every successful and this applies online.

To help you generate more traffic and increase sales, we’ve dedicated this section to provide you with the right information to help you improve your bottom line. We’ve covered everything from effective back-linking tips for outreach to the best auto responders to reviewing ClickFunnels, etc.

ClickFunnels Review

Remote Work

Best Conference Call Apps

Working remotely means different things to different people; to some people telecommuting is a dream job, to others it provides a unique opportunity to maintain a healthier work-life balance. Regardless of perception, working remotely comes with its own unique set of challenges.

From an endless array of distractions to problems communicating across different time zones etc. all of which threaten productivity. To help you overcome these challenges, we’ve curated the best tips and tools, from the best tools for working remotely to the best conferencing apps, etc.