ExpressVPN vs NordVPN Review

A VPN or a virtual private network is what connects your device and the internet. You can think of it as a tunnel that facilitates the protection of your online traffic.

You’re essentially able to get over the hurdles of interference, someone spying on your, or any censorships that might be in a place where you are. The other aspect of VPNs is you have the freedom to hide and change your location so that you can surf the web anonymously any time you want.

In this article, we are going to look at two VPNs, that is, ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

We’ll look at the features to know about them, allowing you to note the differences so you can get the right one for you. Let’s dive in.


ExpressVPN vs NordVPN

If you’re looking for unlimited access to social media, video, music, and more, then you have a good companion with ExpressVPN. The whole point of this server is to remove content restrictions and censorships so that you can roam the internet as you wish.

What the company promises you is that you’ll be able to stay secure and anonymous anytime you do go online. That’s possible because ExpressVPN hides your IP address and also encrypts your network data.

That way, no one will be able to see what you’re doing. All it takes is one click to be protected. The other aspect of this VPN is that you can use it across various devices. With one subscription, you’re able to use it on all the devices that you own.

Basic features

You can choose your location from 94 countries around the world, so you’re able to browse in peace. The other thing is that you can switch between countries at any time that you want.

The other thing that you can expect from this VPN is that you have 160 server locations. With these options, you’re able to change as many times as you can.

The beauty of having such a VPN is that you’re able to watch, listen, and also stream content from anywhere that you want. The other thing that you can enjoy is that you can access censored or blocked websites anywhere in the world, even when you’re traveling.

Something else that stands out about this VPN is that you’re able to pay with bitcoin. There’s equally the option browsing ExpressVPN Tor and go to their .onion site.

As mentioned, you can use your VPN account across various devices.

It could be your Windows laptop or the iOS, and even on your smart TV. You can get to look at whatever you want from the comfort of your own home, and no one knows what you’re getting up to.

ExpressVPN also has a split tunneling feature where you can route some devices traffic through the VPN and then let the rest access the internet directly.

You’ve also assured security because the company uses trusted server technology that ensures that none of your data is written in a hard drive.

That allows you to do what you require without the fear that any of your information will get recorded. In case your VPN connection drops, the VPN blocks all traffic until the protection gets restored.

That way, all your data is safe when anything happens. The other aspect of ExpressVPN is that you can run your own private and encrypted DNS on every server.

That way, the connections are both safer and faster. There is also the advanced mathematics of AES-256 that is trusted by security experts worldwide.

That should give you an added level of comfort when you’re online as well. If you’re super aware of our data being recorded, you don’t have to worry about it.

The ExpressVPN doesn’t and will never log your traffic data, nor will it keep a record of your DNS queries. Overall, there is no way that anyone can identify you when you’re online.

Additional features

 ExpressVPN features

Something that is impressive about ExpressVPN is that they have a database of information that you need. There is the Trust Center, where the company has made the systems hard to breach.

That way, in case there is an attack, they can’t say long.

Here we have a company that is always working to minimize the risk of harm, and they are still testing their defenses. Do you need to know everything there is to know about the company and the VPN world?

There is a blog section on their website where you can get their security tips and other information. You can learn more about digital freedom and also internet privacy news from around the world.

That way, you can stay informed about what there is in the world of VPN.

If you have any issues with your speed when you’re browsing, you can always use their Speed Test function to know how well your internet is working.

With that, you’re able to choose a faster server for your browsing needs. In essence, you’re ready to select a quicker server in your location. With that in place, you remove any guessing there is with regards to what works and what doesn’t.

The sports fans would be happy to know that you never have to miss your favorite sports team only because they couldn’t get to the TV on time. When it is game day, you can stream sports online, and you’ve guessed it, both privately and securely.

If you know anything about public Wi-Fis, then you know that people are typically prone to attacks. With ExpressVPN, you’re assured that you’re protected against rogue Wi-Fi networks and other attacks.

Lastly, you can say goodbye to slow internet as well. With the Defeat ISP throttling feature, you can enjoy fast speeds when watching videos. Buffering is one thing that would make watching something frustrating, but that issue isn’t there with ExperssVPN.

Also, you get unlimited bandwidth to download all that you want. To get started, you have to install the product based on your device or even the browser you’re using.

Customer support

If you get any issues, you’re free to call their round the clock live chat support.

What’s unique about them is that you’re dealing with real humans any time you reach out and so you can get the assistance that you need. If you need to set up or troubleshoot, they have you sorted.

The other material that’s available online is the step-by-step tutorials. You can get anything from how you can browse anonymously, delete your browser history, and how to stay private online generally.


advanced CyberSec technology

What catches our eye about this VPN is the offer that has for its customers. If you purchase the VPN for three years, you get 75 percent off.

There is also the 30-day money-back guarantee on the table for anyone who signs up. Even with that, not everyone gets the goodies.

How it works is that you have to log into your account to check if you have an offer.

The instant gift that NordVPN talks about is one more or a one-year top-up when you purchase the three-year plan. You can think of it as a lottery of sorts.

What’s impressive about NordVPN is also the clientele they have. From their website, the work with companies such as Forbes, The Guardian BBC, WIRED, BuzzFeed, and The Huffington Post.

If these big brands are looking for a VPN that works for them, perhaps you too can consider taking the deal that’s on the table. It’s not just them; you also can get into the action.

The reason that’s the case is that the company, as per their statement on their official site, that everyone online should get to enjoy an open, secure and private connection. That’s why they have engineers, designers, and system administrators behind their six-year venture to make their VPN better.

Basic features

Currently, there are millions of NordVPN users in the market. All they need to do is click on the blue Quick Connect button, and they get the protection they need.

With that type of connection, you can keep your data safe from anyone that shouldn’t be snooping around your personal information in the first place. What the company use is next-generation encryption to safeguard your connection.

What that means for you is you can log into your accounts and even make bank transfers without any stress, including on unprotected Wi-Fi. In essence, what you do online is your business, so NordVPN doesn’t track, collected, or even share your private data.

It means that your information won’t de shared with third parties, also when they ask.

You’re free to do what you wish online, especially if you’re dealing with sensitive information that you wouldn’t want anyone to come across. You can access anywhere you want to with NordVPN.

Social media platforms, streaming sites, online stores- nothing is beyond your reach. There are over 5800+ NordVPN servers available in 59 countries globally.

Anytime, anywhere, you have the freedom to access the kind of content you want.

The other thing, as with other VPNs, you can access your account on all the devices that you have. That includes iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and everything in between.

If you have a smart TV or a router, you can also have those secured. The total number of devices you can connect to using a single account is six devices.

If you’re new to the world of VPN, it would be understandable to wonder how it all works. The thing thigh with this particular one is that it’s user-friendly.

From start to when you get a secure connection, things go along quite quickly. To get started, you only have to hit the Quick Connect button, and you’re immediately connected to the VPN server.

With that simple start, you can block malicious websites too. NordVPN uses advanced CyberSec technology that automatically prevents any sites that might bring about malware to your devices.

Additional Features

To make the most of the features mentioned, one needs high-speed internet. It’s for that reason that the company continually optimizes its network to ensure that it’s possible.

What you get in return is a secure but also fast online experience anywhere on the internet. That also applies when you’re downloading files or even streaming your favorite shows.

How it works is that you’ll always get connected to the fastest VPN location automatically from all the 5800+ speedy servers they have around the globe. In short, there are no speed limits or bandwidth caps.

If you’re not sure about getting NordVPN, there’s a feature that can help you make that decision. They offer a 30-day money-back guaranteed to use the service where you can opt-out if it’s not for you.

There is a Risk-Free trial that you can try that they offer. After, you can have $125.64 billed every three years, which is the mentioned 70 percent off. It’s much cheaper to commit to the longer-term package.

Overall, NordVPN is a practical site; they don’t have additional resources the way ExpressVPN has.

The other features are similar, but with regards to educating users in the area, the former VPN company has done a better job. Even with that, where NordVPN hasthe upper hand is all the server locations they have around the world, also though they are in few countries compared to ExpressVPN.

Even with that, you always get access to the faster VPN at any one time.

Customer Support

How your issues get handled do matter, that’s why people like to know about the customer support services that brands offer.

With NordVPN, you have round the clock assistance as well, very much like ExpressVPN. If you’re having any trouble login into your account or accessing a particular website, you can reach out to them. There’s the option of dropping an email or using the live chat.

Wrap up

Both VPNs discussed here get you the results that you want- fast and secure internet connection. Where they differ is how they offer the same services. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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